4 Summer Hairstyles Using Scrunchies & Claw Clips

4 Summer Hairstyles Using Scrunchies & Claw Clips

With hot weather around the corner, there's no quicker way to cool down than keeping your hair off your neck. Best way to do that-- a top knot! And with a scrunchie of course! Take a Jumbo Satin scrunchie and wrap it around your bun 2-3 times. This will add loads of volume and color, while keeping you cool.

Pictured: Jumbo Satin Scrunchie in Green

Summer weddings coming up?? Use a metal claw clip to create a formal yet trendy up-do. Simply, part your hair, pull a few pieces out around your face and secure the clip in the back. And voilia--a relaxed, chic hairstyle.

Pictured: Metal Claw Clip in Gold Braid

Heading to a music festival?? Put your hair in a low messy bun, then wrap a satin long bow scrunchie around your bun--leave the long ribbons loose. This will give you the perfect whimsical Summer vibe.

Pictured: Spring Satin Long Bow Scrunchie in Cream



Add some color to your hair this Summer with bright claw clips! Try a half-up half-down hairstyle to add some volume and texture to your hair!

Pictured: Spring Claw Clip in Pink