Back To School Hairstyles

How is it August AND time for back to school?! Oh, how the Summer seems to just fly by. Back to school time means it’s time to update your style and maybe try some new trends. 

First up…claw clips. Keep your hair out of your face while looking trendy with a jumbo claw clip. Simply gather your hair like you’re putting it in a low ponytail and twist it upwards; tightly secure with the claw clip. Maybe pull out a few pieces of hair around your face to give a more relaxed/tousled look.



Another simple hairstyle to keep your hair out of the way is a low, messy bun. Use a scrunchie with a short bow to create more depth and interest. This way your hair will look styled without looking like  you just left the gym. As always, pull a few pieces of hair out around your face to keep things casual!


Finally, let’s look at a half-up half-down hairstyle. Yes, we’ve all done this look before, but to switch things up…use a jumbo terry cloth scrunchie and do a messy top knot. This gives your hair tons of volume while still leaving some hair down (so your hair isn’t constantly all pulled back lol). This funky hair style is sure to get some positive feedback from your peers!


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