How To Take Care Of Your Hair After A Workout

We all love a good workout; the endorphins, confidence, sweat….but NOT the sweaty hair. Do you ever just want to put off a workout because your hair is freshly washed?! Well, now you don’t have too! 


To better care for your hair AFTER a workout, let’s start the process BEFORE the workout. Generously spray dry shampoo throughout your hair and massage into the roots–this will help with the absorption of oils and sweat released during your workout.


Most likely during a workout your hair is tied tight in a ponytail, causing stress and breakage to your hair. After your workout, let your hair down which allows your scalp to breathe and releases tension. 


If your hair is naturally oily and you MUST wash it after every workout, try adding in a sulfate-free shampoo into your hair washing routine to keep your hair more hydrated. Also, be sure to always rinse out your conditioner with cold water–this will close the cuticles and keep your roots strong. After towel drying your hair, apply a serum to lock in moisture while also acting as a heat protectant. 

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