Scrunchies To Match Your Halloween Outfit

Scrunchies To Match Your Halloween Outfit: Maybe pick 3 halloween outfits that our scrunchies can match to.

Halloween is just 3 months away, so time to start planning your costume! What’s a more fun, girly accessory to add to your Halloween costume than a scrunchie?!

Being a pumpkin this year?? Use one of our neon orange scrunchies to add some color to your hair. Try tying your hair into a bun on top of your head and securing with the orange scrunchie. This will add a pop of color and some dimension to your outfit.

Want an easy costume that you probably have lying around in an old closet–zombie cheerleader. All you need is your old cheerleading outfit, some dark makeup and a red silk scrunchie. With dark/moody makeup and a red satin scrunchie with a high curly ponytail you’ll be all set! 

Nothing says Halloween like the Addams family, specifically Wednesday Addams. Talk about an easy costume to throw together! Wednesday’s moody persona and dark deminor can be spruced up with two velvet black scrunchies. Wednesday’s notorious black braided pigtails can be adorned with this textured black scrunchie to give this dark costume some life!