Jumbo Satin Scrunchie Collection

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These are Madison’s FAVORITE scrunchies. Go big or go home. These scrunchies are oversized satin scrunchies that you can sleep in, wear in your PJs at home or even on your weekly date. They come in a variety of colors & are made from environmentally friendly material.

4.5 inches across.

Best Hair Type:

Medium-Thick Hair

Great for thin hair IF you want to add volume

Soulful Scrunchies Promise:

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Soulful Scrunchies is a small business located in Louisville, Kentucky. We pride ourselves on having scrunchies that are unique, colorful & make you feel super confident.

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Quarterly Scrunchie Subscription Box (SAVE $20)

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Do you want seasonal scrunchies delivered to your doorstep every quarter without you having to worry about it? Then you need our quarterly scrunchie subscription box.

Our Soulful Scrunchie Subscription Box comes with 4 scrunchies every quarter. These scrunchies include:

  • A secret limited edition scrunchie only for subscription box members 
  • 1 jumbo scrunchie (you will never get the same color ordered previously)
  • 1 regular sized silk scrunchie (long ribbon, silk or polka dot)
  • 1 mini scrunchie (mini silk or all natural silk collection)

You will never get the same color scrunchie you already have. So, don't you worry! 

You get all different sizes and styles to fit your hair types and outfits.

*subscription renews on the date of your last subscription*

*cancel at anytime*

*discount codes no don't work for subscriptions*

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