About Us

Soulful Scrunchies is here to make every woman feel confident

Soulful Scrunchies has a mission to empower women on a day to day basis. We have experience in growing an empowering community and to help women feel confident. Soulful Scrunchies is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is owned by Madison Tinder. Madison is an online marketing and business mentor and has grown an audience of female entrepreneurs to over 30,000 including her Instagram, Podcast & Facebook Community. Her community is called Soulful Social because she always adds the “SOUL” in social media. She knew she had to take “SOULFUL” & expand it to her scrunchie brand because it just…works. 

She was getting her hair done 5 years ago when her hair stylist told her to stop wearing hair ties because her hair was breaking. She told her to wear scrunchies and they saved her hair!

Soulful Scrunchies will be your new favorite scrunchies. We offer free shipping on orders over $50 & will soon be offering gift cards.

Make sure to follow and support us on social media! @shopsoulfulscrunchies

How long will it take for the scrunchies to ship? We get the scrunchies out within 2-3 business days and you will receive tracking and shipping information to track them!

The poly-mailer bags are 100% recyclable after use.